Trail Tech TTO - Voltage Meter - Black


The TTO Digital Voltage Gauge in black allows easily monitoring of vehicle voltage 0.0V to 63.6V ensuring the battery is not being drained or over charged. In the case of a charging issue, TTO will flash the backlight on and off to alert the rider to potential issues. TTO is a must for any vehicle with added electrical accessories.


  • Backli ght for visibility during any riding condition
  • Surface mount for easy install, comes with double sided VHB tape or can be bolted on
  • Customizable warnings for low voltage with flash alert alarm
  • Functions on key switch for external power if battery dies
  • Viewable from any angle
  • Black case, orange version sold separate

What's in the box:

  • TTO Volt Hour
  • Screw Caps and VHB Tape, Use when not mounting with bolts
  • Power wire, 48", Connect to Vehicle Battery, 1.2m