At Safe2Ride we are inspired by the positive impact motorcycle riding can have on a person's life, including physically, mentally and spiritually.

We believe that motorcycle riding is a transport to freedom and having a lot more adventures in life. Best of all, it creates a community that can change your life and take you anywhere in the world!

Our aim is to help riders become fully prepared, confident and as safe as possible. We want to help you answer the questions: Am I safe to ride? Is my bike safe to ride? Is the track safe to ride?


There are two things that impacted my life as a child. Motorcycle magazines inspired me to want to read and the sport of Motocross kept me focused and out of trouble as a teenager. The impact, off-road motorcycle riding has had on my life, has been nothing but positive!

After 35 years of being part of the motorcycle industry, including volunteering in clubs, working within governing bodies, riding and competing within different disciplines and running a full-time coaching business, I developed key insights into the needs of all types of recreational riders. It wasn't until a freak, life-altering, accident with a logging truck in 2018, that my awareness into the impact road trauma and PTSD can have on a person’s life came further into focus.

Safe2Ride was inspired by this accident. It made my wife and I want to create more products and services, for off-road motorcycle riders, using real tools and experiences we know make a difference.

My hope is that we will inspire you to ride more, explore more and transform the way you feel about yourself and how you live your life on and off the dirt.

- Paul Bray, Founder of Safe2Ride



Your mind matters, not just in a helmet but out of one too!

At Safe2Ride we recognise the positive impact motorcycle riding can have on an individual’s mindset and happiness in life.

Sometimes, however, for reasons not always clear, we may need a little more support from others to help us ride the "sharper corners in life".

Our goal is to run events and provide valuable resources to help riders access support networks and content that keeps the conversation open and positive Mental Health flowing.

Some valuable resource links can be found below.


At the core of who we are is family.

Family can include immediate family, the motorcycle community or anyone who is passionate about living life to the fullest!

As adults, we are in a position to have a positive impact on our families and children's lives in many ways. Motorcycle riding is a positive way to bring families together, while at the same time helping children develop valuable life skills such as resilience, focus, responsibility and respect.

We love supporting families getting started or progressing on their moto journey.


Motorcycle riding brings people together.

It doesn't matter what your background is, once you're sharing the tracks with another rider the rest of the noise in the world just melts away.

Over the years we've heard many, many clients tell us that they love to ride but they have nobody to ride with.

Our aim is to provide a safe & supportive community for Safe2Ride clients to meet other like-minded riders in. We want to enable you to ride more often and meet more positive, up-and-about, like-minded riders.

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Getting off the tarmac and taking your riding off-road will add another dimension to your riding and lifestyle as a whole!

It will open up new sensations and a greater appreciation for the environment and where it can take you.

At Safe2Ride we want to open up your access to the world that riding off-road can bring.

Every motorcycle has a personality and so does every environment you find yourself in.

Join a course or tour with us today and discover how off-road riding can change your life!

Safe2Ride in action. Building connection and confidence
through motorcycles and passion for riding.


Road Trauma Support Services:
1300 367 797

Black Dog

13 11 14

Beyond Blue
1300 224 636

1300 654 329


Safe2Ride is co-owned and operated by Paul and Jade Bray who are both specialists in their own fields. Paul is an accredited, Motorcycling Australia Level 2 Coach, Presenter and Track Inspector with 30+ years of coaching and training experience. Paul's specialist knowledge spans across multiple disciplines including MX, Adventure, Dirt Track, Enduro and Trials. Jade is an accredited coach and trainer with 15+ years of experience, specialising in people development and life-skills education. They are both passionate about adventure travel in all forms and creating experiences that make memories for life!

Safe2Ride further specialises in providing courses and content for riders returning from an accident after trauma and rebuilding their confidence on a bike and in life.

Paul and Jade also own and operate Trials Experience, Australia's first trials, off-road, skills training and experience company. Over the last 8 years, they have travelled across 5 states of Australia with their family, training over 4,000 riders while developing the Trials Experience brand and building awareness for the benefits of trial riding.