SKU: RMS22867

Polaris Sportsman 700s manufactured between 2002 and mid-2004 are plagued with recurring electrical problems. The failure of the starting system was not a matter of IF, but of WHEN it would occur.

The main problem with this reliable vehicle was the AC starter. Unfortunately, the cost of replacing the AC starter unit with a genuine Polaris DC starter unit was over $ 500 and was the only option.

Our new starter kit now converts the failing AC starting system to a highly reliable DC system for half the price of the original kit.

  • Carburettor models only
  • Our part is a replacement to your original unit
  • Original advance curve
  • Highest grade of lamination materials
  • Highest grade of electronic components
  • The quality is higher than OEM material
  • Spark plug caps not included
  • Spacer nuts included


  • The RM22957 conversion kit is designed to replace the original OEM AC of Polaris, but is NOT MADE to replace the upgraded DC version of Polaris. If you have the 16 terminal CDI, (OEM #2201981) the stator corresponding to this CDI is RM01330.
  • All electrical components must be fitted by a qualified technician.
  • Before fitting electrical components ensure the root cause of the original failure has been addressed.
  • The absence of either of points 1 or 2 above, will void any warranty.