Oxford Zero-G - Single Sided Paddock Stand (No Pin)


ZERO-G paddock stands cater for all kinds of bikes — including those with single-sided swing arms — and preferences, such as a choice of fork or headstock-mounted front stands.

All of our paddock stands are engineered using the latest CAD technology and 3D modelling techniques. By being scientifically designed to minimise the required effort to move a given load, our new ZERO-G range of paddock stands literally takes the weight off. Even better, they are able to do this without weighing too much themselves, making them even easier to use and live with.

Constructed from durable steel, with heavy-duty fasteners and a base with large wheels for increased stability this a dream piece of workshop equipment.

RiDE Magazine rated the Zero-G BEST BUY in their market review. They praised the clear instructions, finish and large wheels and declared it was the easiest stand to lift a bike with on the test.

Key Features:

  • Durable steel construction
  • Oval tubing to prevent rotation
  • Torsional supports for increased stability
  • Integrated bearings for smooth lifting
  • Billet aluminium pins available separately (21.5mm- 53.7mm)
  • Robot welded for high build quality and consistency
  • Ma load: 300kg
  • Stand weight: 6.7kg
  • Lift height: 350mm (pin centre)